"An alien menace has ravaged Earth. Humanity has scattered to the wind. But hope remains. A resistance is organizing."

  • Expand your settlement

Progress through familiar industries such as farming, logging, and refining. Assign workers’ jobs, harvest resources, and spend them to build new production and defensive buildings. Unlock new resources, build advanced structures, and research a variety of technology upgrades.

  • Scavenge for supplies

Send scavenge parties to hunt for rare resources or new survivors to join your settlement. Choose what they carry back based on the needs of your people. Be careful though, not every raid goes smoothly.

  • Trade for what you need

Build a Trading Post and barter with visiting traders. Unlock the Shadow Market and be tempted with offers more sinister.

  • Defend yourself from brutal alien attacks

Strategically place defensive structures to provide the most protection to your buildings. Build a dozen wooden guard towers or invest in a few AI-powered laser platforms? Set up a supply chain and produce ammo for your heavy missile launchers to quickly take down Capital ships.

  • Cast powerful battle abilities

Buildings destroyed? No problem. Deploy militia or a squadron of jet fighters to engage the enemy. Hack shields or jam firing cycles. Launch deadly weapons satellites. Defend your people at all costs.

  • Manager hunger, sickness, and morale

Grow food so people can eat it. Grow herbs and synthesis medicine to heal the sick or injured. Reserve these resources at the Tea House or Tavern in order to raise people’s spirits. Happy workers work harder.

  • Research settlement upgrades

Unlock new upgrades as your settlement grows. Invest in different strategies to combat the alien menace. Do you upgrade your Greenhouses to produce more food? Increase the dps of your gun turrets? Gain more resources when you win a battle? The choice is yours to make.


Fight your way across North America, visiting biomes such as the winter tundra, parched deserts, and humid central american jungle. Meet a cast of characters that need your help in the Fight for Earth. Defend supply routes, invest in industry, and turn the tide for humanity’s survival.


Every level you beat in the campaign can be played again in endless Sandbox Mode. Play your favorite map again and see how long you can survive.

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